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Used Monitors at Wholesale Prices - Wholesale Discount Available!

If you are looking for the best used monitor deals on the Internet, you have come to the right place.

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The monitor is often the most expensive part of the computer. Microprocessors, RAM and motherboards may get all the publicity, but it’s the humble monitor that makes up most of the cost of a new computer, or even an old one. And by monitors, we mean all kinds – the CRT ones of old, the LCD models that are the most common nowadays and the latest LED versions.

Therefore, in order to keep your IT budget under control, you need to buy monitors cheaply. One way to do that is to buy them used. Unfortunately, several of these monitors have been used for thousands of hours and a reaching the ends of their lives, something that a dishonest used monitor vendor won’t tell you.

With Export Computer Exchange (ECE), you have no such fear. Here, we sell you monitors in bulk only after individually testing each piece before we ship them. We back up this claim with the best warranty in the business, which includes:

    What this means to you: We promise to replace as much as 10% of the shipment if found defective. Other vendors assure only 2% replacement.
    What this means to you: We guarantee that at least 90% of the shipment will be in perfect working condition on arrival.
    What this means to you: We allow you 10 days to test the equipment. If the damage exceeds 10%, let us know and we will replace the entire shipment.

As you can see, with ECE, you are assured of quality products that last long.

That is not all we offer. We provide the lowest prices, cheapest shipping, best customer service and credit facility for your purchase of used monitors. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today!.

*If you have any question related to whole sale used monitors purchases, please let us know.

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