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Used Laptops at Wholesale Prices - Wholesale Discount Available!

For the best deals on used laptops, Export Computer Exchange (ECE) is the place to buy!

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Latest statistics say that more people buy laptops than personal computers. Considering their mobility and ease of use, and the fact that their prices have greatly reduced in the last few years, that should not come as a surprise. At the same time, the latest laptops still cost a tidy sum. Especially if you are looking to buy many of them for your firm or business.

Nowadays, there are new models of laptops coming out every few months. However, in most cases, most business needs can be easily met by older models dating back a few years. For example, if word processing and spreadsheets are all you require to do, you don’t need a Core 2 Duo; an old Pentium III will do just fine.

Unfortunately, retails stores do not stock Pentium III laptops, nor do manufacturers make them. You can get these laptops at throwaway prices if you decide to buy used machines. But then, there is the added concern of reliability. Many used laptop vendors sell machines that have been roughly used and became unreliable. In such a situation, you need a dependable seller of used laptops.

With Export Computer Exchange (ECE) you get just that!

Here are some of the benefits you can get if you purchase used laptops from ECE:

  • Best used laptop deals at substantial discounts
  • Hassle-free purchases of used laptops with maximum warranty protection
  • A financing program that allows you to buy used laptops on credit
  • Lowest shipping costs for your used laptop purchases

We give you the best warranty in the used laptop market, which provides for:

    What this means to you: We promise to replace as much as 10% of the shipment if found defective. Other vendors assure only 2% replacement.
    What this means to you: We guarantee that at least 90% of the shipment will be in perfect working condition on arrival.
    What this means to you: We allow you 10 days to test the equipment. If the damage exceeds 10%, let us know and we will replace the entire shipment.

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