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Used Computers Surplus at Wholesale Prices - Wholesale Discount Available!

Export Computer Exchange is a leading used computer surplus wholesalers and distributor and is dedicated to supplying export quality used computer surplus at wholesale prices. ECE is currently shipping bulk quantities of used computer surplus and parts at wholesale prices to over 59 countries. Our shipment procedure is very simple and cost effective.

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ECE guarantees maximum risk protection during shipping of wholesale used computer surplus. We only ship tested-working used computers. We offer best wholesale rates in town.

We have a strong a warehousing system which means shipping costs you much less. Our #1 goal is to build a long term friendship with all our wholesale used computer surplus purchasers. We are committed to win your trust by our honesty, integrity, and sincerity.

Buy from ECE at wholesale discounted prices. ECE offers all possible ranges of used computer surplus at wholesale prices due to its strong alliances in the global markets and enriched past experience. We can offer credit options only on wholesale used computer surplus deals. BECAUSE YOU DESERVE THE BEST WHOLESALE USED COMPUTER SURPLUS DEALS.


Ever heard of a warranty scheme where the supplier is willing to take all the blame on every USED COMPUTER SURPLUS DEAL? Testing the entire shipment one-by-one before shipping it. Sky rocketing the usual breakage percentage from 2% to a gigantic 10% breakage allowance ON EVERY USED DEAL. Destroying our competition by offering 90% working guarantee to buyers location ON ALL USED COMPUTER SURPLUS. Increasing our clients by having a standard 10 day Dead on Arrival clause so that they can test it and even after all this you still find damage in the shipment exceeding 10% let us know and we'll take care of entire USED COMPUTER SURPLUS DEAL.


The best thing about buying from us is the discount and we in order to standout from our competitors offer huge, tremendously huge discounts ON EVERY USED COMPUTER SURPLUS DEAL which keep on getting higher and higher based on the number of equipment you buy from us decreasing the cost lower and lower.


We know how businesses are established especially small ones so for the people out there who need equipment but have no cash at hand WE bring you an offer of a lifetime the credit facility, take the goods and pay us when your business starts earning a revenue, because the success of our customers is our first priority

TOP CLASS CUSTOMER SUPPORT to help you finalize Your Used computer deals!

Our business runs because of you we mean, our clients. So we've learned that if we keep you happy, you'll keep us happy. So keeping that in mind our company offers you something that you've probably never heard of before, you can call us, chat with us and ORDER ANY USED COMPUTER SURPLUS deal (equipment type, quantity, amount) all by yourself, getting exactly what you want.

Don't see what your are looking for? Call us as this is a small portion of our available inventory (+1.435.867.1084)

*If you have any question related to whole sale used computer parts purchases, please let us know.

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