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Used Computers Parts at Wholesale Prices - Wholesale Discount Available!

Export Computer Exchange is a leading used computer parts wholesalers and distributor and is dedicated to supplying export quality used computer parts at wholesale prices. ECE is currently shipping bulk quantities of used computer parts and parts at wholesale prices to over 59 countries. Our shipment procedure is very simple and cost effective.

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With reliable computer parts, you can extend the useful life of your computers by several years, thus saving a lot of money in the long run. Buying them used will further increase your savings. However, there are very few places you can go to that can guarantee you genuine used spare parts for computers that won’t break down within months of purchase.

At Export Computer Exchange (ECE), you need have no such fears. Our reputation in the used computer parts business is built on four things:

  • Reliability – our products are individually tested before being shipped
  • Integrity – we take pride in adhering to the highest moral standards
  • Sincerity – we are sincere in providing what you want, at the price you want
  • Convenience – selection, purchase and shipping, all three processes are easy and convenient for the customer

So sure are we about our products, we provide the best warranty on the World Wide Web:

    What this means to you: We promise to replace as much as 10% of the shipment if found defective. Other vendors assure only 2% replacement.
    What this means to you: We guarantee that at least 90% of the shipment will be in perfect working condition on arrival.
    What this means to you: We allow you 10 days to test the equipment. If the damage exceeds 10%, let us know and we will replace the entire shipment.

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*If you have any question related to whole sale used computer parts purchases, please let us know.

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