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The Ordering Process

Congratulations! By deciding to buy from Export Computer Exchange (ECE) you have made the right decision that will save you money and time.

We have made the ordering process as easy as it can be. The entire process can be divided into three stages, each of which is explained below. As you will see, we have made the experience as convenient and user-friendly as possible.

Stage I - CHOOSE

1- Choose what you want to buy, and how much

2- Click on “Click Here to Send a Purchase Order” (on email)
“Buy Now” or “Make A Backup PO” (on website)

3- Any of the above links will take you to the online purchase order system, where you need to complete 5 easy steps

4- Click on “Submit my Purchase Order” to send it to us

5- You will receive the contract via email which you must sign and fax to (435) 867-1085 within 12 hours of submitting the purchase order

Stage II - PAY

1- Send the deposit payment within 48 hours of submitting the purchase order. Remember to fax a copy of the wire transfer receipt to (435) 867-1085

2- Once we receive the payment, we will package and ship your order to your chosen destination port


1- Once the shipment arrives at customs in the destination port, you must pay the required duty and collect the shipment

2- As part of our comprehensive warranty scheme, you have 10 days to test the equipment. If the damage exceeds 10%, let us know and we will replace the entire shipment.

*If you have any questions related to whole sale used computer` purchases, please let us know.

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