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More About Export Computer Exchange(ECE)

Export Computer Exchange (ECE) has an established history of providing global businesses with quality secondhand computing equipment. Since 1993 we have been helping businesses meet their computing requirements at minimum cost. Currently, we export more than $12 million worth of equipment annually to 59 countries across the globe, from Panama near home to China halfway across the world.

We have warehouses in all the three coasts of the United States – east, west and south. This allows us to ship to any port across the world at minimum cost. That is why our shipping charges are the lowest in the business.

We understand that the success of our business is solely dependent on the success of our customers. That is why we consider each customer and every transaction as being equally important to our business. Our No.1 goal is to establish fruitful business relationships with our customers, relationships that will showcase our honesty, integrity, reliability and professionalism.

We believe that “Time is Money.” Hence, we ensure that all transactions are processed quickly and seamlessly so that you can realize the benefits of your purchases as soon as possible. We aim to increase your profitability by delivering the maximum benefits at minimum price. To minimize your risks, we have the most comprehensive warranty available. All of these are backed by efficient customer service that responds to your queries to your satisfaction.

We request you to consider us as the supplier of your new, used and refurbished computing equipment - Computers, Monitors, Notebooks, Televisions, Printers, Point of Sale Equipment, Hard Drives, CPUs, RAM, CD ROMs, Floppy Drives, etc. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed!

*If you have any question related to whole sale used computers purchases, please let us know.

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